Growing pains are difficult to bare, but they bare great fruit. 2018 revealed to me the people I needed to let go of. When someone shows you and tells you who they are, believe them. Release them and never look back. As a widow, it is always difficult to date. But I’ve opened my heart even when the end result is being hurt. It’s weird what grief and desperation will cause someone to do or think. I look back over living in a shelter for seven months (yes, SEVEN months) and the people who were not there for me. Being in such a low place certainly tests your strength and will to live and thrive, not just survive. It taught me greater resilience although I had moments that I am not proud of. We all have our own journeys. It’s my prayer that even through your mistakes, you will not give up on trusting God. My relationship with The Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit is the only thing that made me not quit or give up on life. Will you trust Him today? No doubt, no fear. Just trust.