Corporate Events, Seminars & Workshops: Lyne Reider has over 20 years experience in the Grief Management and restoration arena for families and children. Lyne works with and supports corporations that have employees that are going through the grief management process. With more than twenty years experience, Lyne shows corporations how to help their employees grieve in a healthy manner, while sustaining the emotional strength and control to work proficiently at work. Demonstrating positive coping skills, helps grieving employees endure the task of returning back to work after losing a loved one. While each person grieves differently, it’s important to recognize some symptoms of grief:

  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Impatience
  • Fear
  • Inattentive
  • Withdrawal

Often times, when grief is not processed in a healthy manner, pain can become aggressive anger. This leads to a very troubling life. That’s what becoming “stuck” is about. The Lyne Reider Foundation was established to provide financial assistance to young widow(er)s and their children. The amount of support will be determined by the Foundation’s Board of Directors. 1.5 million children are grieving the death of a parent. This number is increased greatly when siblings and immediate family are taken into account. 107 people die each second. Because Lyne Reider knows first hand the financial burden that comes with losing a spouse, who had no life insurance, we are dedicated to providing families with financial and emotional support.

The Lyne Reider Foundation can provide funds to help cover food, gas, utility bills, a child’s activity fees, lessons, clothing, rent or a house payment and many other needs. We understand the devastation, fear, loneliness and uncertainty that begins the moment your spouse dies. The Lyne Reider Foundation is also dedicated to supporting other organizations and hospitals across the United States with grieving and needy families.

The Lyne Reider Foundation depends on gifts of in-kind items from the community, as we are committed to providing personal care items to families and children. Donations of all kinds provide much needed support. The LR Foundation also benefits greatly from graphic design to video production to printing services: We are thankful to any volunteers seeking to use their professional skills to give back to the community through the LR Foundation.

Lyne Reider’s passion is to help individual’s and families #MoveForward. Although the feelings of grief may never completely go away, with time, the pain can be easier to endure. You will soon have a new family story. Give yourself permission to feel and be happy again. If you would like for Lyne Reider to hold Corporate sessions at your business, or speak at your next outreach, retreat, conference or event, please complete the form on the Contact Page. Lyne Reider is also a licensed Notary Public in the State of Oklahoma and licensed in the State of Oklahoma to perform wedding ceremonies, baptisms and funerals. Lyne Reider may also be contacted for prison and hospital visits.


~ Remember ~ Talk ~ Cry ~ Listen ~ Connect ~ Hope ~ Laugh ~ Grow ~ Change ~ #MoveForward


The Lyne Reider Foundation is a 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation. All donations are tax deductible.

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